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Building & Duct Vents

Type VSB* Building Vent
* US and International Patents Pending

Protection of Buildings & Structures by Very LowPressure Explosion Vents

VSB Vent Construction:
  1. Polycarbonate or Aluminum sheet
  2. Aluminum perimeter frame
  3. Dual seal from frame to vent
  4. Centrally mounted ”burst tab” to control set pressure
  5. Dynamic release cord that retains vent after activation

Polycarbonate vent construction permits transmission of daylight while maintaining insulation properties similar to double pane glass (typical R value of 2.7) and an impact strength rating of over 200 times that of single pane glass.

VSB Vent Sizes:
Individual Type VSB vents can be made to fit the available building apertures that achieve the required vent area for deflagration venting. Type VSB vents are available in sizes up to 56” x 120” (1.2m x 3m) and with set pressures as low as 4” Water Column / 0.14psi (10mBar).
VSB Vent Benefits:
  1. Zero maintenance
  2. Low mass, simple installation
  3. Designed for non fragmentation
  4. Available translucent construction
  5. Excellent insulating properties
  6. Simple replacement
  7. May be applied to protect outlet side of vent relief ducting


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