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Spark Detection & Extinguish

SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System
BS&B SparkEx® Spark Detection & Extinguishing System Prevent Fire and Explosion in Industrial Processes
  • Spark Detection, Flame Detection and Hot Particle Detection
  • Extinguish Without Stopping Production.
  • Prevent Fire and Explosion Risks in DownstreamEquipment
  • Activate Alarm and Control Systems
  • A Flexible Modular Design Allows for up-to-34 systemsto be monitored through modular expansion
  • Wide-range of operating temperatures from 70°C (158ºF)to 200º (392°F)
  • Battery pack included for backup power in the event ofan electrical outage
  • Trace Heating Available for Water Extinguishing inExtremely Cold Conditions
Protection You Can Count On

The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is designed to detect hot particles, sparks and flame that might become the ignition source for a fire or explosion if allowed to travel on through pneumatic ducting and conveyors towards other materials handling equipment. A few hot particles entering a dust collector handling a combustible dust are enough to trigger a dust explosion. Smoldering combustible solid conveyed into a storage silo can become the nucleus of a raging fire.

Reduce Fire and Explosion Risks

Using infrared detectors, the BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, searches for elevated temperature particles. When hot material is detected, the BS&B SparkEx System provides many options to manage the ignition risk:

  1. Activate water spray nozzles placed downstream of the detection point of hot particles.
  2. Activate automated shut-down of the process to end the feed of combustible material.
  3. Provide a signal to activate other control devices shut-off valves.

The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection & Extinguishing System operates in a continuous automatic mode with all of its critical circuits supervised to raise an immediate alarm in case of application difficulties.

Prevention Methods
  • Uses highly accurate type SDN or SDD Sensors for spark detection as well as flames, and hot particles
  • SDN/SDD Sensors activate control circuits connected to the automatic water extinguishing module
  • The extinguishing module extinguishes sparks and hot particles
  • Production continues while the BS&B SparkEx System extinguishes sparks
Industries Served
  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Metal
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Power Plants
  • Rubber
  • Recycling


BS&B SparkEx System Components

Control Panel (Optional) Control Panel (Optional)

Spark Indicator SDN Spark Indicator SDN

Booster System (Optional) Booster System (Optional)

Automatic Extinguishing Module Automatic Extinguishing Module

Control Unit, Type DC 1 Control Unit, Type DC 1