Industrial Explosion Protection

BS&B has the most practical safety solutions for combustible dust processes. Designing client application solutions, BS&B enables users to achieve compliance with NFPA, OSHA and ATEX standards while maintaining process throughput and economy. With the widest range of explosion protection, flameless venting, isolation and suppression, BS&B provides the most comprehensive selection to the end user.

Explosion venting – the #1 dust explosion protection method

Explosion vents (or explosion panels) when appropriately sized and located can ensure effective explosion pressure relief. The overpressure that comes with explosive dust combustion can be safety discharged to atmosphere in a controlled manner by following the requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 68 or other international standards applicable to the users location. Unprotected, equipment and machinery will be subjected to the full force of a dust explosion whose power is typically sufficient to break open process equipment in an uncontrolled release of pressure and flame. Explosion vents are designed to mitigate the consequences of a dust explosion, keeping the pressure within process equipment at or below safe limits and directing the arising flame ball to a safe location away from personnel and other production systems. The VENT-SAF™ explosion panels manufactured by BS&B are protecting thousands of installations around the world from the hazards arising from both dust and gas explosions. Where the flame ball released by a vented dust or gas explosion can be accepted, such as outdoor applications that discharge to an open atmospheric safe area, VENT-SAF™ explosion vents are protecting plant components, including silos, bucket elevators, mills, grinding plants and dust collectors. Areas of application are, for example, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the coal industry and the wood and animal feed sectors. Safely designed explosion venting is the #1 choice in explosion protection.

Explosion Venting - Characteristics of the VENT-SAF Explosion Vent

In order to ensure effective explosion pressure relief, the VENT-SAF explosion panel has a low bursting pressure of typically 1.5 psi / 0.1 bar and is sized according to NFPA or other international standards with individual VENT-SAF panels being up to 44-1/2” x 64” (1130mm x 1625mm) rectangular or 72” (DN1800) round size. Typical material of construction is 304L Stainless Steel with higher levels of corrosion resistance provided by alternative use of materials such as high performance Nickel Chromium alloys. Over 50 standard VENT-SAF explosion panel sizes are established and custom dimensions can always be provided. For sealing to the process equipment, VENT-SAF explosion vents are provided with integrated gaskets, typically manufactured from EPDM or Silicone.

Explosion venting - wide range

VENT-SAF explosion panels from BS&B are available in different versions with properties designed to suit the widest range of applications. The most frequently used BS&B explosion vents are models VSE, VSP, VSP-L, VSP-D and VSM. The type VSE flat explosion panel is intended for use in relatively static operating pressure conditions while the domed VSP and VSM family of explosion vents are engineered to resist challenging operating pressure conditions such as highly cycling vacuum as well as deep full vacuum operating conditions that can arise temporarily in some applications. The BS&B team are always ready to advise you with respect to explosion vent sizing and product selection. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about explosion venting.