BS&B Introduces New Brochure for Customized Rupture Disk Solutions

In response to frequent questions about customized rupture disk solutions, BS&B introduces a brochure focusing on technology building blocks used to create application solutions for projects requiring pressure for safety or activation purposes.

The brochure is titled, “Custom Engineered Products, Rupture disks and overpressure relief devices for OEM, Aerospace, Transportation and Energy. ” The brochure particularly covers compact rupture disk technology, the interface configurations typically used, and the options available to form application solutions. The brochure provides visual context to potential solutions readily available,as-well-as-a starting point for discussions with BS&B engineers, who are on hand to lend their passion and expertise for all projects involving overpressure.

The BS&B PIT™ Program (Prototype Introduction
Track) provides excellent prototype order experiences.

The BS&B PIT™ Program (Prototype Introduction Track) is also discussed in the new brochure. Similar to a Race Car Pit Team, the BS&B Prototype Introduction Track combines special skill sets to work in unison with the common goal of giving the customer an excellent prototype order experience. The PIT program focuses on rapid functional success and delivery to schedule.

BS&B has provided customized pressure safety and activation solutions to thousands of customers. Most, like you, are renowned engineering experts in their field, who build sophisticated systems using advanced engineering techniques. They rely on BS&B to develop advanced overpressure relief solutionsfor these specialized systems. Hard copies are also available at no-cost by making a request to [email protected].