BS&B Introduces the FlameSaf® Model 942-MW

Emergency Pressure Relief Vent to Guard Against the Dangers of Excessive Pressure Build-Up.

BS&B introduces the new FlameSaf® Model 942-MW Emergency Pressure Relief Vent for prevention against overpressure caused by combustible gases and vapors that could lead to tank ruptures.

The 942-MW adds to the bundle of pressure safety management technology from BS&B. These new vents use fluoropolymer or elastomer diaphragms to provide tight seals between pallet and seat. When combined with a 10-percent full-lift, the results are reliable and accurate even to minimal changes in pressure. Users will benefit from the optimized operating conditions that are close to MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) while ensuring operations that safeguard both personnel and environment.

Model 942-MW

The 942-MW is rigorously third-party tested and approved for ATEX certification. The model complies with API 2000 and ISO EN 28300.

The BS&B lineup of flame arresters offers static dry flame arrester technology with spiral-wound crimped ribbon elements to decrease the heat of the flame front, thereby quenching the flame. FlameSaf flame arresters are widely used to protect tanks, piping and other systems in plants and refineries against deflagrations and detonations. BS&B Flame Arresters embody compact and light-weight design. Additionally, variable element diameters enhance flow versus differential pressure within the same nominal connection diameter. Flame arresters prevent the transmission of flame into piping and equipment containing flammable gas. These autonomous safety systems prevent flashback from explosions reaching the protected side of the arrester while allowing flow of vapor through them.