Introducing the new Saf-T-Change™ Rupture Disk Replacement System

This innovative solution ensures minimal downtime to change out a rupture disk. After activation, the replacement disk is quickly slid into place. BS&B encounters situtions where processing plants take great financial hits in lost production due to blown rupture disks. If several hours are required to replace the disk, it doesn’t take long for the the Saf-T-Change to pay for itself many times over. Contact BS&B today for more information.

  1. Shut off upstream and downstream pressure, then depressurize the pipe.
  2. Unlock the Saf-T-ChangeTM system.
  3. Release the load on the “in-service” rupture disk device (lever or gearbox) to separate the half bodies.
  4. Move slide to position the standby rupture disk device.
  5. Apply the load to the replacement rupture disk device (lever or gearbox) clamping the half bodies.
  6. Lock the device.