SR-TC™ Tank Car Rupture Disk

Performance Features

  • Smooth surface finish
  • Resists overpressure surges of 125% to 140% of the rated burst pressure
  • Gasketed for installation between flanges
  • Designed for gas, liquid and multi-phase service
  • Suitable for operating pressure to 80% of the marked burst pressure (85% of the minimum)
  • Designed for non-fragmentation, recommended for Relief Valve isolation
  • Suitable for cycling service
  • Vacuum resistant
  • Pressure Equipment Directive “CE” marking and/or other International Certifications
  • BS&B proprietary technology

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  • Sizes & Pressures
  • Burst Tolerance
  • Accessories
  • Documentation

Sizes & Pressures

SR-TC™ Disk Specifications Minimum/Maximum Pressure at 72°F (22°C)
Disk Size Rating Total burst range
in mm psig barg psig Barg
50 30 3 26 - 30 2.8 - 3.1
45 4 38 - 45 3.6 - 4.1
52 4.6 44 - 52 4 - 4.6
60 5.2 51 - 60 4.5 - 5.1
75 6.2 64 - 75 5.4 - 6.2
100 8 85 - 100 6.9 - 8
165 12.4 140 - 165 10.6 - 12.4
Special ranges available on request 25-222 psig (1.7-15 barg)


SR-TC™ Tank Car Rupture Disk

Burst Tolerance

Marked Burst Pressure Burst Tolerance
2 ≤ 15 psig (0.14 ≤ 1.03 barg) ± 1.5 psig (0.1 barg)
15 < 40 psig (1.03 < 2.8 barg) ± 2.0 psig (0.14 barg)
≥ 40 psig (2.76 barg) ± 5%


BS&B supplies many of the Accessories required to safely and conveniently install our overpressure relief devices and complementary products. Through our professional team and global network of sales engineers and procurement personnel, we are able to provide the highest quality accessory products to meet your installation requirements.

Saf-T-Change Quick Disk Replacement (QDR)

After activation, the replacement disk is quickly slid into place. Saving hours of lost production due to blown rupture disks.

Tell-Tale Assemblies & Excess Flow Valves/Gauges

A gauge tap in the outlet flange of the safety head may be considered when the safety head is installed in a vertical position.

Spare Safety Heads & Cap Screws


When activated, the jackscrews effectively separate the flanges, providing adequate clearance to remove or insert a safety head and external gaskets.

Lifting Lug Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are recommended when weight and/or accessibility is a factor in lifting safety heads.

Baffle Plate

When a safety head is free-vented to atmosphere, a baffle plate may be considered to disperse overpressure and absorb recoil.

Product Literature

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Detec Saf Alarm System - Burst Disk Monitor


The SR-TC™ Reverse Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) will resist overpressure surges* of 125% to 140% of the rated burst pressure for up to 0.5 seconds duration. Greater surge protection may be expected for shorter surge duration. The SR-TC™ Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) offers extended disk service life where the disk may be subjected to 'humping" action or when rapid deceleration of an OTR trailer occurs.*The value of the over pressure surge depends on the disk's burst pressure rating.

SR-TC™ Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) Material Options

Standard disk materials are Stainless Steel grade 316 & Inconel® (Nickel alloy 600). Other materials are available on request. All standard disks are available with 0%, 5%, and 10% manufacturing ranges.



The slotted top section is protected by a tank car ring which also ensures burst accuracy. A vacuum support prevents damage to the disk, should the disk be subjected to vacuum during unloading or while the tank car is in transit. A spacer ring is located above the FEP/P'TFE seal and the top section.



The SR-TC™ Reverse Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc) may be installed directly on to standard threaded or bolted type tank car fittings.