Performance Features

  • Double disk assemblies consist of three safety head components; an inlet, a mid-flange and an outlet
  • Rupture disks are installed between the inlet and mid-flange and between the mid-flange and outlet flange
  • The addition of a second barrier protects against backpressure, corrosion or mechanical perforation
  • The first rupture disk (upstream) is backed up by the second rupture disk (downstream)
  • Monitoring devices and sensors can be installed to detect rupture disk activation.
  • Quick opening valve can be established with the first rupture disk is maintained at a controlled back pressure of a value below the set pressure of the second rupture disk. When a customer specified condition occurs in the system, both rupture disks can be actuated on demand by releasing the controlled backpressure

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Standard Materials

316 stainless steel and carbon steel.

Also available Monel® alloy 400, Inconel® alloy 600, Hastelloy® alloy C and C-276, aluminum, and titanium.

Torque Resistant Safety Head Option

The Type TR™ Series torque resistant safety head option offers the identical performance and flow characteristics valued from standard BS&B safety heads. The only difference – the TR Series Safety Heads are designed with a wider seating surface to be used with metal spiral wound gaskets at the flange. This distinct safety feature protects rupture disks from situations where plant personnel may overtorque rupture disks within piping systems.

Because of the wider seating surface of the TR Series Safety Head, the load is distributed over a much broader area reducing the influence of excessive torque transmitted to the disk.


BS&B supplies many of the Accessories required to safely and conveniently install our overpressure relief devices and complementary products. Through our professional team and global network of sales engineers and procurement personnel, we are able to provide the highest quality accessory products to meet your installation requirements.

Saf-T-Change Quick Disk Replacement (QDR)

After activation, the replacement disk is quickly slid into place. Saving hours of lost production due to blown rupture disks.

Tell-Tale Assemblies & Excess Flow Valves/Gauges

A gauge tap in the outlet flange of the safety head may be considered when the safety head is installed in a vertical position.

Spare Safety Heads & Cap Screws


When activated, the jackscrews effectively separate the flanges, providing adequate clearance to remove or insert a safety head and external gaskets.

Lifting Lug Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are recommended when weight and/or accessibility is a factor in lifting safety heads.

Baffle Plate

When a safety head is free-vented to atmosphere, a baffle plate may be considered to disperse overpressure and absorb recoil.

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