Performance Features

  • Polyimide film
  • Tantalum conductor wire
  • Single path conductor
  • Dual failure point
  • Reconnect stops

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  • Safety Heads
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Sizes & Pressures

BAS™ Disk Specifications Minimum/Maximum Pressure with Rating at 72° (22°C)

Disk Size  
in mm psig barg
1 25 10 0.69
1.5 40 7 0.48
2 50 6 0.41
3 80 6 0.41
4 100 6 0.41
6+ 150 6 0.41

These pressure values indicate the maximum pressure buildup upstream of the sensor before activation to detect leakage and/or operation of a pressure relief device.


  • Gaskets
    Compressed fiber (standard). Optional materials: glass filled fluoropolymer; Garlock® 3000, and fluoropolymer.

    The maximum service pressure for standard compressed fiber gaskets is 1450 psig (100barg). (1000 psig / 69barg for Garlock 3000 and 800 psig / 55barg for fluoropolymer).

  • Membrane
    Each Burst Alert Sensor type uses a film of polymer material to support the electrical conductor and provide electrical insulation. Either Polyimide (yellow color) or fluorocarbon (white color) is used for this purpose.

All Burst Alert Sensors use a flattened tantalum wire as the electrical conductor for optimum corrosion resistance. The user shall determine the compatibility of Burst Alert Sensor materials for each application.


BS&B supplies many of the Accessories required to safely and conveniently install our overpressure relief devices and complementary products. Through our professional team and global network of sales engineers and procurement personnel, we are able to provide the highest quality accessory products to meet your installation requirements.

Saf-T-Change Quick Disk Replacement (QDR)

After activation, the replacement disk is quickly slid into place. Saving hours of lost production due to blown rupture disks.

Tell-Tale Assemblies & Excess Flow Valves/Gauges

A gauge tap in the outlet flange of the safety head may be considered when the safety head is installed in a vertical position.

Spare Safety Heads & Cap Screws


When activated, the jackscrews effectively separate the flanges, providing adequate clearance to remove or insert a safety head and external gaskets.

Lifting Lug Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are recommended when weight and/or accessibility is a factor in lifting safety heads.

Baffle Plate

When a safety head is free-vented to atmosphere, a baffle plate may be considered to disperse overpressure and absorb recoil.

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